Beginning To Teach MSC Workshop

1-hour sessions for new MSC Teachers and Teachers in training.

These sessions will be facilitated by the members of the CMSC Professional Training Committee: Steve Hickman, Mila de Koning and Tina Gibson.

We recognize that there is already so much content and ongoing learning that is part of the CMSC’s MSC Teacher training pathway; the MSC program, the LOTT and the Practicum. So, as a kindness to all of you caring and courageous new teachers we would like to offer a separate time for you have all the nuts and bolts of beginning to teach MSC explained and any extra questions answered.

A prerequisite for attending these sessions is to have read and become familiar with the numerous guidelines and policies found on the CMSC’s Teacher Dashboard. As well as speaking to any questions that may arise after considering these documents we will also touch on the following:

  • tips on offering a brief introductory talk
  • marketing your program
  • screening options
  • accessing ongoing support yourself (peer support groups)
  • any questions pertaining to the

New teachers at any stage (or those who have not taught for some time and wish to refresh their understanding of these issues) are welcome. Teachers-in-training are welcome to attend at any stage along their training pathway, although this session may be most relevant as you move towards planning your first MSC program.

We will begin by offering two sessions each month, the first and third Monday of each month. We will offer 2 different times to support as many people across our globe as possible.